A loner's dream

Lóa (2007) on IMDb

Your winds carry my dreams,

500 years that you wander
Lóa, under the lonely rains,
clear, seeding into the air
the perfums of the stars,

Sister of tears,
Sister of angers,
You are the hidden beauty
Of new born flowers.

And the world slides,
into blues and greys,
And the world slides,
Onto your eyes.

Your winds carry my dreams,

And, in the sunset, they shout,
Your name.

Anonymous --/18--

Ben is a outside in the dark, carrying a too large too heavy sailor bag on his shoulder, lonely and drunk. During a dream strange dream where he is taller, stronger, smarter, he meets an angel that gives him a flower.

When he wakes up, the flowers at his feet...